Implementation of Behavioural Change


Really tough, on-going training – if you last the course, you’re a real champion!

Conducting various sales measures is only half the story. Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) is indispensable if you want to sustainably stabilise outcomes and change an organisation’s overall mindset.

But as every organisation – and every single employee – will try to fight change by all possible means, a professionally moderated change management process is essential.

Sales excellence cannot be achieved without establishing concrete parameters. We are specialists in safeguarding and perpetuating a truly sustainable change process. The measures we take include proactively incorporating top management through developing a situational management style and clearly defined portfolios of necessary measures. Besides, we will be glad to support you in building up or fine-tuning your custom-fit sales cockpit.


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Good people try. The best manage it. Champions maintain it.

In some companies change is now a swear word. For many employees it seems like a synonym for never-ending activism. That’s one way of looking at it, but a different perspective would definitely be more productive – for all those involved! Ones viewpoint is absolutely decisive. Nobody – except for a few exotic exceptions – would think of relying on currently functioning IT software and hardware for the next 10 to 20 years. In the IT industry timely adaption is known as updating, a term that has a much more positive connotation in such circles. That’s how we interpret this crucial change, or updating, process – as a performance-enhancing element that, at specific intervals, is required in order to maintain highest quality and performance.