Some can swim. Others can cycle or run.

W+ Ansatz

Champions can do the lot.

Our success and that of our customers is based on a unique approach that gives us a one-off position in the market. In this approach we combine two worlds: first, the professional micro-perspective of the sales field, i.e. all on-the-job sales processes and activities based on our industry-independent 7-Phase Model, which we developed ourselves and which has proved its worth for more than a decade.

And second, the macro-perspective of the company in question, i.e. an analysis of its inherent processes, interfaces and central structures with a knowledgeable eye for its entire organisation.

In this way, and in contrast to the fragmented offerings otherwise available on the market, we see sales in the overall context of a specific company, and thus increase the level of practicability and implementation. At the same time, we enhance the scope of action and creative freedom for sales and ensure you are capable of responding faster to external events and impacts.

For us, sales is much more than just a department – a view that goes against prevailing opinion. Our understanding of sales is as the main motor and hub of a company, fully integrated and networked into all its organisational areas. We call this holistic approach SDE: “Sales Driven Enterprise”.


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More disciplines, one outcome: excellence

We all have our showcase discipline where we really shine. The trouble is that, these days, one discipline is far from enough. Merely being a top ‘relationships manager’ or a ‘confident price negotiator’ is nothing more than ‘satisfactory’ and certainly doesn’t achieve any wow effect. After all, sales is developing in similar fashion to professional sport: faster, further, higher. And that means more interfaces, more contact persons, differing interests, and a much greater degree of transparency. The job profile for every single sales person has become noticeably more demanding, as it has for businesses in general. If you want to stay out in front, there’s only one solution: get out of your comfort zone and put all your energy and passion into new assignments. And don’t forget that the weakest link determines how strong a (bike-) chain is.

A pure sales diamond at Wirkung Plus

We have systematically positioned our six business units around the key sales interfaces. Since these individual areas – and in particular their efficient interlinking – are so significant for the future development of your business, we call this our W+ Sales Diamond.