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Hase + Team

If you want to win, train with the best!

In Stefan Hase, the founder of Wirkung Plus GmbH, you have one of the world’s most prominent sales experts at your side. Stefan advises some of the world’s biggest sales organisations and is a much-appreciated forward and lateral thinker. His Global Master Classes for companies like Hewlett Packard, Sennheiser, Samsung and DNV GL set international standards.

Stefan is supported by a hand-picked team of experts with unmatched competence in developing and designing successful sales processes. He is the author of the standard sales book “The Quintessence of Sales”. And he also contributed with his training concept to the succesful accreditation and establishment of Germany’s first sales specific course of study (bachelor in sales and management at the Euro-FH).

Why not get to know Stefan yourself on a non-committal basis! Then you’ll discover what potential you have to reach a higher level. Here’s our top team:

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At the same time, sales in today’s B2B environment is increasingly becoming a team effort– a very different situation than ten years ago. That’s because in our ever more complex digitized world it is virtually impossible to do everything on your own.

Sport is no different. Nowadays, you need a good team. With so many good competitors in the field, it is hardly possible to win anything of note without a qualified physiotherapist, sport psychologist, analyst or technician. Their crucial work is the precondition for an athlete to deliver a top performance when needed.

It’s like that in sales.

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