You’ve already got a successful sales department?


Why not go for a successful sales company!

When you’ve been working in sales for a long time, you gain some interesting insights. The most important of them is probably that companies and organisations that don’t view sales as one department among many but place it at the heart of their corporate focus are simply more successful.

Surprised? Maybe initially, but think about how in sport, for example, the introduction of innovative formations (e.g. 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 in soccer) has positively influenced results. Surely that’s reason enough to start thinking things over. Isn’t it logical that an intelligent, professional sales set-up should act as a company’s main turnover driver? Regardless of whether it’s online or offline, you’ll soon discover that this idea is both charming and profitable.

What we offer you is an update of your company – achieved through a realignment of your entire organisation as a proactive enterprise with up-to-date corporate structures. In this way, every employee becomes an important part of sales’ overall success! As a result, nobody can hide behind the sales department, which is always made responsible, especially when results are bad. Instead, it’s a case of “Je suis SDE”. Sales Driven Enterprise adds up to a genuine paradigm shift for an entire company – and above all, one that will differentiate your business from others!

The Quintessence of Sales

Suddenly everybody’s got one goal – not just sales people, everybody!!!

When we start working with a customer, we often ask how a sales department with ten people can be the driving turnover force for an entire company with 300 employees. Is that an efficient way to manage resources? 30 coxes and one rower? Many companies are still stuck in the structures established when they were first set up, i.e. high-quality product development, good service, a bit of marketing, and a sales department whose job is to successfully sell the company’s products and services, and on whose shoulders the fate of the entire company lies.

This is no longer in keeping with the times. The new mindset focusing on the overall responsibility of all team members was evident, at the latest, by 2014 in the case of the world’s favourite sport and big business – soccer. In this sport, the goalkeeper, basically a defensive player, now often acts as a sweeper-keeper who directly supports his team’s attacking play.

That’s why it makes sense to update the basic understanding of ‘sales’ in technology, marketing, administration or back office departments with their numerous everyday customer contacts. That way, you can transform your company into a fit-for-the-future organisation.

Welcome to the future, welcome to SDE!