Stefan Grewe
Sales Director Telecommunications Germany & Switzerland, Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service GmbH & Co. KG

At Sennheiser, we had already some experience with training institutes and sales specialists… With our competent “companions” at Wirkung Plus we have now, however, reached a new level: Demanding. Inspiring. Effective. With the right touch of humor. It suits perfectly!

Leif-Erik Lindner
Business Director Consumer Electronics AV, Samsung Electronics GmbH

Very pragmatic and close to our daily business. Everybody could take away important aspects for his day-to-day business. Really good work. Keep it up…

Florian Lamisch
Head of Technical Solution Design & Coordination, T-Systems International GmbH

Global IT investments are quickly extending into high 7-figure sums. A high workload and the highest demands on our team require precise and optimally efficient training courses which can be realised pragmatically. Michael Blohm has more than satisfied these requirements. Following 4 intensive sequences, I can personally recommend the work of Wirkung Plus at any…

Wolfgang F. Kochan
Country Manager Hewlett-Packard GmbH

Just like many other suppliers of up-market capital goods, we need to have a “foot in the door” and a secure base when closing a deal. We rely on the expertise of Wirkung Plus, especially when it comes to these difficult issues. I am especially impressed by the rare mix of a clear structure and…

Rudolf Stäuble
Vice President, DERTOUR GmbH & Co. KG

We decided on the long-term expertise of Wirkung Plus in the scope of a sales-related restructuring of a department. With great success! The high practical relevance of all the measures and the comprehensive approach of the work in particular were very positively received by our management and employ ees alike. We will be happy to…

Lothar Stanka
Head of Sales Business Clients, Süwag Energie AG

The liberalisation of the energy market has had significant consequences in the area of sales. Apart from the required structural adaptation of internal processes, the primary objective here is the systematic training, support and sales management of our approximately 40 energy managers. In this, we have relied on the know-how of the entire Wirkung-Plus team…

Thomas Braune
Sales Director, Fronius Deutschland GmbH

You have put our individual requirements into really professional activities. No matter whether the topic was market orientation, conduct of negotiation, or the positioning of our technical sales force. This is how change works!

Alfred Schillert
Managing Director, PROvendis GmbH

Our demanding negotiating situations with inventors, universities and companies require individual behavioral strategies. With Stefan Hase and Michael Blohm, we were able to translate our concrete requirements into practical solutions. This has been an important milestone for our committee of experts. And all of that was constructive, pragmatic, and target-oriented!

Peter van Teeseling
Dscoop EMEA Director, Digital Solutions Cooperative (Dscoop)

Stefan has given absolutely interesting insights at our DSCOOP EMEA Conference in Rome, Italy, with more than 700 attendees (consisting mainly of owners, and managers) from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With his ideas about upcoming trends, the “future of sales” and the required toolsets, he hit exactly the nerve of our…